Humpback Whale World Congress

The Humpback Whale World Congress aims to advance scientific inquiry and conservation efforts of the humpback whale in their feeding ground, their breeding site and in their migration path. The congress will bring together researchers, scientists and organizations working in the various fields of research and conservation, promoting the exchange of expertise and partnerships.

The various scientific topics that will be addressed during the conference :

  • Basic and applied research : anatomy, biology, ecology, ethology, population dynamics, engineering science, economy, history, whaling, research methods, data, collection and storage protocol, analysis assistance software and tools.

  • Management and conservation : management measures, creation and management of Marine Protected Areas, national legislation, regional agreements, national biodiversity action plans.

  • Sustainable economic development : control measures for human activity impact, climate change, the role of citizen science, alternatives to natural resources use.

  • Artistic expressions : art performance (paintings, musics, writing, …) inspired by cetaceans, their protection and the conservation of their environment.

  • Social implication : direct and indirect economic activities for local communities, environmental education, income-generating activities associated to the presence of whales in coastal areas.

  • International collaboration : workshops, conservation-based partnerships, capacity building.