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    Jane Spilsbury

    Dear Humpback whale network

    We are receiving reports of whales in Pemba, Kisite and Watamu this week
    first confirmed humpback sighting off Pemba, two individuals moving fast northwards.
    Position 12°47′.6 S 040°38′.2E half a mile soth East of the southern end of Ponta Diablo. Water temp 26.6°c depth 70m.
    At last!!
    Nell Hamilton 2nd confirmed sighting, two massive full body breaches about 1nm East of 12°39′.9s 040°38.6e depth unknown but temp here down to 25.5°c.
    third sighting, single individual heading north at a fair clip. 12°36′.4s 040°38′.4e. The boys are definitely back in town! Right in front of the boat, had to take evasive action..today
    1 sighting Kisite 15th July
    2 sighted in Watamu 11th July

    Jennifer Crawford
    Jennifer Crawford

    It’s beautiful whale network.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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