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    Reference: S Cerchio, L Trudelle, AN Zerbini, JB Charrassin, Y Geyer, FX Mayer, N Andrianarivelo, JL Jung, O Adam, HC Rosenbaum. Satellite telemetry of humpback whales off Madagascar reveals insights on breeding behavior and long-range movements within the southwest Indian Ocean. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2016; 562: 193 DOI: 10.3354/meps11951
    How humpback whales use marine habitats off the eastern coast of Africa is only partially understood, and that has become a conservation concern as offshore energy exploration expands in the region. However, a new study found that humpback whales that were satellite tagged off the coast of Madagascar during peak breeding season are traveling much further in the southwest Indian Ocean than previously thought. See more

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