Introduction to the HWWC

Welcome to the official website for the Humpback Whale World Congress. The congress takes place every 2 years all over the world.

Of all the international conferences on marine mammals that have taken place worldwide, rare have devoted their attention solely to humpback whales. Although the humpback whale is likely to be the most observed and most studied, it is surprising that until now humpback whale specialists have had to meet on the sidelines of these scientific events. The HWWC has been created to fill this gap. 

The Humpback Whale World Congress aims to advance scientific inquiry and conservation efforts on the humpback whale in their feeding ground, their breeding site and in their migration path. The congress will bring together researchers, scientists and organizations working in the various fields of research and conservation, promoting the exchange of expertise and partnerships.

Born from festival
The HWWC was born in 2015 in Sainte Marie (Madagascar) throughout the whale festival.
Its origin makes it stand out, as it is inclusive and tries to create a link between scientists,
policy makers, students, tourism operators, marine actors, private and public institutions,
and non-profit organizations. It aims to be a model for developing a new way of dealing with
this type of event. The HWWC helps to create links, share experiences and build common projects.
The places where these congresses are organized must have a special atmosphere, where you can
feel the presence of humpback whales. This is why the congress is always held during the humpback
whale season, so that you can observe these fascinating animals and remember why the congress is being held.
The HWWC all around the world

See you soon in…

The 4 th edition of the
Humpback Whale World Congress
in 2025 in Canada

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